Devotions to Saint Charles of Mount Argus

St Charles Novena Mass

The perpetual Novena Mass in honour of Our Lady of Holy Hope and St Charles of Mount Argus is celebrated every Saturday morning at 11.00am with Novena Prayers and Blessing with the Relic of St Charles.


St Charles’ Feast Day is 5th January  


Blessing with the relic of Saint Charles

Monday to Friday after 10am Mass

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4.00 pm

Saturday after 11am Mass

Sunday after 11am & 4pm Mass


Healing Mass

The monthly healing Mass is temporarily suspended. The Novena Mass is celebrated every Saturday at 11.00 am.


Triduum of Hope in honour of Saint Charles

The last Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of May (week before June Bank Holiday) at 10am and 7.30pm

Annual Mass for the Sick with Sacrament of Anointing

11am on the Saturday preceding the Triduum







A Pilgrim Path to the Tomb of Saint Charles of Mount Argus 

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