The Spark of God

thought-for-sundayFrom the desk of Fr. Ignatius Waters, cp

Sunday, 20th May 2018



The following is a ‘Prayer on Sunday’ rather than a ‘Thought on Sunday’ Thoughts do help but only in so far as they lead to prayer or flow from prayer. I hope this prayer helps you to focus on the Holy Spirit this Pentecost Sunday:

Spark of God, Spirit of Life,

I remember and celebrate your dwelling within me.


Divine Fire, you never waver in your faithful presence.

Amid the seasons of life, you are my inner illumination.


Ever-present Light, the spark of your inspiration has been with me in every moment of my life, always available to lead and guide me.


Eternal Joy, the dancing flames of your joy are reflected in my happiness and in the many ways that I delight in life.


Spirit of God, your fiery presence gives me passion for what is vital and deserving of my enthusiasm.


Blazing Love, the radiant glow of your compassion fills me with awareness, kindness and understanding.


Purifying Flame, your refining fire transforms me as I experience life’s sorrow, pain, and discouragement.


Radiant Presence, your steady flame of unconditional love kindles my faithful and enduring relationships.


Luminous One, you breathed love into me at my birth and your love will be with me as I breathe my last.


Thank you for being a shining Spark of Life within me.