Standing at the gates of the New Year

SONY DSCSacred Mystery,
waiting on the threshold
of this new year,
you open the gates
and beckon to me.


“Come! Come! 
Be not wary of what awaits you
as you enter the unknown terrain,
be not doubtful of  your ability
to grow from its joys and sorrows.


For I am with you,
I will be your Guide
I will be your Protector
you will never be alone.”


Guardian of this new year,
I set aside my fears, worries, concerns
I open my life to mystery, to beauty,
to hospitality, to questions,
to the endless opportunity
of discovering you in my relationships,
and to all the silent wisps of wonder
that will draw me to your heart.


I welcome your unfailing Presence
and walk with hope into this new year.


Joyce Rupp