Passionist Jubilee Year

This year the Passionist Community at Mount Argus are celebrating a special Jubilee Year to mark the three hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Passionist Congregation. Pope Francis has extended the special Plenary Indulgence for the Passionist Jubilee Year to all Passionist Churches throughout the world. The Jubilee Indulgence can be gained by visiting Mount Argus Church (or any church of the Passionists) on any day during the Jubilee Year, which lasts until 1st January 2022. The conditions for the Jubilee Indulgence are: (1) Spiritual participation in the Jubilee celebrations of the Third Centenary of the Foundation of the Passionist Congregation; (2) A serious commitment to conversion confirmed by sacramental confession and participation in the Eucharist; (3) Prayer for the Pope’s intentions. The elderly, the infirm and those who cannot leave the house, due to a serious impediment, can gain the Jubilee Indulgence by joining spiritually in the Jubilee celebrations, committing themselves to fulfilling the three conditions (Confession, Holy Communion, Prayer for the Pope’s intentions) as soon as possible.

We have prepared a leaflet for a Pilgrim Visit to Mount Argus during the Jubilee Year. You can download the leaflet here.